“The progress our son Christopher has made at Cornerstone is astonishing. Ms. Lee focuses on the whole child and really encourages Christopher to love learning and to respect others as well as himself. In just four months we've some amazing changes. He's only three and learning to read and write. More importantly he's becoming more aware of the effect his actions have on the outside world and is increasingly compassionate.”
Sarah & Chris
“Cornerstone Montessori is a wonderful school that allows each child to learn at its own pace. We had just moved here from Germany when our 5-year-old started Kindergarten and we are happy to see how fast he has settled in and how comfortable he feels in his school. It’s truly amazing how much our son has learned already. Ms. Lee is a very kind and caring teacher and we feel that our son is in great hands. I would recommend Cornerstone Montessori School to anyone who wants the best for their child.”
"Our daughter started at Cornerstone Montessori a couple months into the school year and was the youngest in the class. We were concerned with how she would adjust and keep up. After just 3 months, this school feels like Ria's second home. Ms. Lee and Mr. de Charleroy have created an atmosphere that not only feels safe and nurturing but also challenges the students academically, creatively, and physically. We can't say enough about how wonderful our experience has been."
“Ms. Lee is an energetic, cheerful, kind, loving, and a knowledgeable teacher. She is very good in teaching and a very talented musician. I am very glad that my daughter began her school life with a teacher like Ms. Lee.”
Babu & Kavita
Cornerstone Montessori is the perfect school for our three-year-old son. He has gained a variety of educational skills; however, more importantly, he has learned to be a self-sufficient and confident boy. Under Ms. Lee's excellent curriculum, Cornerstone provides him the freedom to explore along with the teachers' guidance on how to excel with each work. This allows for different ways to teach math, science and reading. In addition, the children learn about nature and geography, sing songs, make art projects and learn Spanish. We highly recommend Cornerstone Montessori and would encourage parents to observe a class. Our son loves school and we plan to have our younger son attend next year!
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